Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rich man poor man

I really hate the fact of having no money. I don't need a lot to live on but I really needed it. Trying to transfer money from one account to another this week has been hell. A week where you need all the available ready cash is not the week when you have to start closing accounts at the bank. Hey call me stupid but I listen to the bank and do what they think is best for me. Those days are gone as now I have no access to ATMs till next week when they send me a new card. Just like the good old days, I'll have to go into the back to withdrawn over the counter.
Oh well it’s better to die poor with people having some respect for you, then to be rich. If you are rich, people only want what you may have and I tell you what have you seen how they dress on Toorak Rd.

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