Thursday, April 30, 2009

Man of the Month

What can I say here.

Every blog needs one.

Give me a break.

The biggest loser

On TV this week the fat people show ended most people may know it as "The biggest loser" It leaves me with the burning question what really drives people to lose weight. Is it to look good or to be healthy.
But we could all try to fit into a pair of AUSSIE BUMS once in a while.

Swans bad start to 2009 season

Has the Syney Swans lost there fighting edge as there 2009 season turns out to-be a rollacoster ride. It seems that the away games for them this year are ending up winner for the home team. St Kilda in Melbourne, Brisbane at the Gabba and last week with there third loss of the year Freemantle in Perth. Thank God all there home games this year have been winners for them but for home much longer?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Melbourne fashion, look sharp

Since living down here in Melbourne I've found there is dress code. From what I might of found myself wearing in Sydney when leaving the house back in Chippendale will not cut it. Now that the mornings are getting colder I can get away with wearing a jacket to work without sweating to death before I reach the office.
I can't wait to loose some more weight so I can step out in a Hugo Boss Suit (that's if I get that pay rise one day) or even try and fit into the two suit that hang in the wardrobe at the moment. I must admit that I have become kind of a slob when it comes to dressing for work. Hopefully with the influence of the people of Melbourne I maybe able to look sharp again.

Yes in my youth (my late teens) I used to dress in suites & ties listening to the Who or the Jam. We called ourselves MODS but even then I was a fairly untidy MOD. I preferd being a punk wearing a leather jacket and big heavy boots with buzz-cut haircut. Much like the haircut I have now as I'm going bald these days. That seems so long ago now, I miss it sometimes but happy with what life has given me.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anzac Day 2009

Picture 1- Men march outside Flinders Street Station
Picture 2- more men marching
Picture 3 - Youth March across the bridge near Flinder St Station.
Picture 4 -Old men in Old cars

Picture 5 - Love this, Crowd, man with dog.
Picture 6 - More men marching
Picture 7 - More men marching
Picture 8- It's almost like Mardi Gras.
Picture 9 - Now that a real Mardi Gras shot.
Picture 10 - Army drummer boys

Everyone loves a man in uniform and I really can't recall if I have being in Melbourne before on Anzac day. Some may say it should replace Australia day as our National day but I disagree. Both days hold such meaning, though Anzac day seems to be more melancholy where as Australia day is more like a Kylie song where you feel like singing and dancing the whole day through.

The honeymoon is over

At last it's raining in Melbourne, just what I wanted to see, not! Since moving down everyone has been going on about the lack of rain this city has had. Coming from Sydney where our drought broke sometime ago, I'm well over the rain and don't want to see anymore. I believe Melbourne's drought has not broken but the weekend ahead is going to be windy, wet and much much colder than the beautiful warm sunny days I've been enjoying while in Melbourne. Maybe the honeymoon is over hello typical Melbourne weather again.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

You have to love this city.

Melbourne is like an old duchess very noble lady high in grandeur showing no flawes.

Same thing different city.

It's almost time to start work again and I came in an hour early today to complete some work for AJ. Come 9 o'clock and the work hasn't even been looked at and ahead of me is another busy day in Records. What I need to be doing is adding TIME back into my days. Creating a time capsules so I know when to stop doing one thing and move on to the next big ticket item. I'm so disappointed in myself, that I can let myself slip back into these old silly habbits.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cassini's continued mission

NASA's Cassini spacecraft is now a nearly a year into its extended mission, called Cassini Equinox (after its initial 4-year mission ended in June, 2008).
I've always been fascinated by space and what's out there. Maybe it's the fact when I was growing up there was the race to the moon and before that was the race to put a man into space. Now days of "users pays" if you have the cash you can go into space and hang out in all that Cosmic dust. Just don't tell mom, as Omo may not be able to get the dirt out.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I don't understand why same sex marriage is such a problem
Or is it the fact that Americans are so controlling and want to speak ther mind on everything.
Or is the fact Ameicans are stupid people and don't when to shut up.
You got to love how people can't leave it alone.
The guys point of view

Friday, April 17, 2009

People I like to meet: Facebook friend

Man of my dreams is one of those Facebook friends you hook up with but you don't really know.

Fadi Fawaz has been a Facebook friend for 2 years now and I remember seeing him at Toybox one year with many followers recovering in the Muscle Mary pit. One day we will meet again.

Mike comes to town

My buddy Mike came down on business yesterday so we caught up after work for a pub crawl and bite to eat. Over past few years he has been busy with work and Raul . It was good to have the one on one with him last night. He is more like a brother to me and we can talk about almost anything when we get together but mainly bull-shit. Maybe now, being in a different cities I might see more of him, because knowing Mike he is a hard man to pin-down.

Travel card

Love being new to a city and not knowing how anything works. Since being in Melbourne I was having troubles with my Travel-Card and instead of going out and buying another one I just kept on using it till it was all expired. Here I was was using the wrong ticket all the time to travel in & out of work. Back at the end of March I had purchased a Travel Card that only operates around the CBD of Melbourne and not to areas like St Kilda, where I call home. No wonder it was not validating for me on the Tram. My friend Andrew thought I was sticking it in the machine incorrectly but as you can see in the above picture, you just follow the arrow.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

People are so!!!!!!!

OMG what a busy day today I had three meetings in one day. One meeting was so dull if I had a gun I'd spray the room with bullets just to wake some people up. Don't wanted kill people. Topic was all about knowing our Performance Enhanement Program. PEP for short. Yes I know the drill for many years now, so hurry it along so we can go but no,not hour & half, whatz new to know apart from we are not getting pay rise this year.
I'm not sure about these Melbourne people yet, they seem too nice. They seem like country foke, big wide smiles and always willing to lend a hand. There was one person who saw right through me today and that was Desi. She is a Greek woman who comes in twice a week to help out and she could tell I had enough of the bullshit factor, (to use her words) as the day was extra bad.
There are parts of the working day I just want to be left alone and to be in my own space for what ever reason that maybe. The nature of the job is alway being on call so that's why I love the time when you clock off and everyone has gone home. It's my time (get the fuck out of my face) to regroup before hopping on the Tram and find a nice cold beer at home. Something extra nice would be to finds sexy hunk waiting for me in bed when the lights go out. Oh such is life.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'll never need to worry about wetting myself again.

Funny what things you can find on the web.

Searching for information regarding a park discovered while riding along the bay on the long weekend, I can across this web site.

When I visted Westgate Park, found down on the river out near Port Melbourne. As you can work out a huge whopping bridge over-shadows this park.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I didn't get payed today

Dear Pedro
As you probably know it was the Firm request that everyone be paid monthly. Unfortunately NSW legislation provides for employees to be paid fortnightly upon request. There is no legal requirement for employees in states other than NSW to be on a frequency other than what is determined by the employer. Therefore we do not have a fortnightly payroll in any other states and I am sorry to advise that we cannot accommodate your desire to remain a fortnightly paid employee. We could offer to grant you an advance today, if authorised by HR representative, which can float you until Wednesday. You should discuss this with your manager and HR. The expectation is that this advance of salary will be recouped from your next monthly pay.

Not happy at all to discovering that moving to Melbourne ment moving to monthly pay system.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Newtown by the beach

It's been such a eventful month for me with a few times in the weeks gone by that I felt like throwing it all in and staying in the city I was born in. I do miss my city of Sydney but I am happy within myself to say I've made the move for all the right reasons. What are thoses reasons, I hear you say?
Well I was experiencing a extreme dislike to where I was living in Sydney and needed to move. I must admit moving interstate sounds a bit severe.
There was also the fact that I was bored at work. So I was really lucky to find a job in Melbourne within the same company. Well good and bad as being the same job just different city, at least I know what to do and have hit the ground running.

I've found a great place to live at St Kilda Beach, a cute Art Deco apartment facing the water. Out of all the suburbs in Melbourne, St Kilda was on the top of my list. I describe St Kilda as Newtown by the beach. You have the homeless and druggies, as well as the fit son of bitches who look so good running along the beach. I'm just jealous and sound it too. This coming week-end, I will test my feet and go for a long run. I must admit I have turn into a fat bastard over the past year but being so close to the beach now I have to stop fooling myself and get back to the TRIM THING again. Oh the pain I can feel it already but I love pain that's why I work in RECORDS.

The new office has been a interesting and I knew things would be different. Hey at least it stops the boredom. The travelling to work is slightly the same time when living in Sydney but I'm using the Tram to get to the city, instead of my feet. I must say me and the public transport are not friends. I'm using a ticket that never seems to work for me. Hopefully the Transit Police don't fine me because each time I board the Tram I need to validate the ticket but it cancels out on me. It doesn't happen all the time but enough to annoy. I might start riding my bike in next week as it's a short week but well see how I go. I might do a demo on the week-end so I don't get lost. If I do get lost, it's Easter I have 4 days to find my way home. Ha I just called Melbourne home.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Kiwi and the Lion

Before I do start on the catch up blog and why it has taken me so long to write, let me just say I have some great friends and some friends who seem not to function without me. Let's call them the Kiwi & the Lion and some unknow reason they are stuck in there silly ways. Always upsetting each other because neither one wants to change. I believe I maybe the cause of this relationship breakdown, as they were great mates. If they were such great friends, what went wrong, to make them argue all the time. I do admit to speaking my mind but I give people a chance and listen to what they have to say. I think the Kiwi and Lion should not be so picky as the jungle is filled with far worst dangerous creatures.