Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Melbourne fashion, look sharp

Since living down here in Melbourne I've found there is dress code. From what I might of found myself wearing in Sydney when leaving the house back in Chippendale will not cut it. Now that the mornings are getting colder I can get away with wearing a jacket to work without sweating to death before I reach the office.
I can't wait to loose some more weight so I can step out in a Hugo Boss Suit (that's if I get that pay rise one day) or even try and fit into the two suit that hang in the wardrobe at the moment. I must admit that I have become kind of a slob when it comes to dressing for work. Hopefully with the influence of the people of Melbourne I maybe able to look sharp again.

Yes in my youth (my late teens) I used to dress in suites & ties listening to the Who or the Jam. We called ourselves MODS but even then I was a fairly untidy MOD. I preferd being a punk wearing a leather jacket and big heavy boots with buzz-cut haircut. Much like the haircut I have now as I'm going bald these days. That seems so long ago now, I miss it sometimes but happy with what life has given me.

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