Wednesday, April 15, 2009

People are so!!!!!!!

OMG what a busy day today I had three meetings in one day. One meeting was so dull if I had a gun I'd spray the room with bullets just to wake some people up. Don't wanted kill people. Topic was all about knowing our Performance Enhanement Program. PEP for short. Yes I know the drill for many years now, so hurry it along so we can go but no,not hour & half, whatz new to know apart from we are not getting pay rise this year.
I'm not sure about these Melbourne people yet, they seem too nice. They seem like country foke, big wide smiles and always willing to lend a hand. There was one person who saw right through me today and that was Desi. She is a Greek woman who comes in twice a week to help out and she could tell I had enough of the bullshit factor, (to use her words) as the day was extra bad.
There are parts of the working day I just want to be left alone and to be in my own space for what ever reason that maybe. The nature of the job is alway being on call so that's why I love the time when you clock off and everyone has gone home. It's my time (get the fuck out of my face) to regroup before hopping on the Tram and find a nice cold beer at home. Something extra nice would be to finds sexy hunk waiting for me in bed when the lights go out. Oh such is life.

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