Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anzac Day 2009

Picture 1- Men march outside Flinders Street Station
Picture 2- more men marching
Picture 3 - Youth March across the bridge near Flinder St Station.
Picture 4 -Old men in Old cars

Picture 5 - Love this, Crowd, man with dog.
Picture 6 - More men marching
Picture 7 - More men marching
Picture 8- It's almost like Mardi Gras.
Picture 9 - Now that a real Mardi Gras shot.
Picture 10 - Army drummer boys

Everyone loves a man in uniform and I really can't recall if I have being in Melbourne before on Anzac day. Some may say it should replace Australia day as our National day but I disagree. Both days hold such meaning, though Anzac day seems to be more melancholy where as Australia day is more like a Kylie song where you feel like singing and dancing the whole day through.

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