Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Newtown by the beach

It's been such a eventful month for me with a few times in the weeks gone by that I felt like throwing it all in and staying in the city I was born in. I do miss my city of Sydney but I am happy within myself to say I've made the move for all the right reasons. What are thoses reasons, I hear you say?
Well I was experiencing a extreme dislike to where I was living in Sydney and needed to move. I must admit moving interstate sounds a bit severe.
There was also the fact that I was bored at work. So I was really lucky to find a job in Melbourne within the same company. Well good and bad as being the same job just different city, at least I know what to do and have hit the ground running.

I've found a great place to live at St Kilda Beach, a cute Art Deco apartment facing the water. Out of all the suburbs in Melbourne, St Kilda was on the top of my list. I describe St Kilda as Newtown by the beach. You have the homeless and druggies, as well as the fit son of bitches who look so good running along the beach. I'm just jealous and sound it too. This coming week-end, I will test my feet and go for a long run. I must admit I have turn into a fat bastard over the past year but being so close to the beach now I have to stop fooling myself and get back to the TRIM THING again. Oh the pain I can feel it already but I love pain that's why I work in RECORDS.

The new office has been a interesting and I knew things would be different. Hey at least it stops the boredom. The travelling to work is slightly the same time when living in Sydney but I'm using the Tram to get to the city, instead of my feet. I must say me and the public transport are not friends. I'm using a ticket that never seems to work for me. Hopefully the Transit Police don't fine me because each time I board the Tram I need to validate the ticket but it cancels out on me. It doesn't happen all the time but enough to annoy. I might start riding my bike in next week as it's a short week but well see how I go. I might do a demo on the week-end so I don't get lost. If I do get lost, it's Easter I have 4 days to find my way home. Ha I just called Melbourne home.

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