Saturday, July 4, 2009

Television : Top 20 sexiest men on Australian Telvison.

Top 20 sexiest men on Australian television .

No 1- Daniel Macpherson from “Dancing with the Stars” on Channel 7 has come a long way since being on the Bill. Since then and now he is one actor that keeps very fit.

No 2 Tom Williams from Channel 7 -forget what show he is on as I can't remember as the mind goes blank and I can only see him.

No 3- Shemar Moore -Criminal Minds has my attention only for the looks.

No 4- Chis Meloni -Law & Order: is a great actor and only extended himself in the prison drama series called “OZ”
No 5- Anderson Cooper - CNN TV report
No 6- Scott Foley-Unit - cute but has a long way to go before people take notice of him. No 7 -Rodger Corser - Rush: a good actor who takes on interesting roles. He is also not afraid to do TV commercials either.
No 8 - Julian Ovenden - Foyles War: cute and would like to see more of him.
No 9- Gyton Grantley - Underbelly: Not sure about him, just like the look.
No 10 -Don Hany - East West 101 on SBS- This is a great show and the acting is high class.No 11- Andy Muirhead -Collectors on the ABC. -What can you say, I love coming home to Andy on a Friday night.
No 12 - Wentworth Miller Prison Break.: Sex on legs, the only real reason to watch the show. No 13 - Jeremy Sisto - Law & Order: Love Jeremy before he went to Law & Order and another real reason to come home on Friday Night.

No 14 - Ryan Kwanten -True Blood. Before he was famous in the USA and just after leaving "Home & Away he had some really sexy pictures taken of himself.

No 15 -Robert Buckley- Lipstick Jungle: The only real reason to watch this show is because of Buckley and I've got Buckley's in meeting him.
No 16 -Milo Ventimiglia-Heroes. Who didn't love the first season of Heroes and this young actor.

No 17 - Jon Hamm- Mad Men. I must say this show has beeen a god send for SBS and Jon is like a angel a dark angel.

No 18 -Dominic Purcell - Prison Break: Not sure if it's Wentworth Miller or Dom that make me watch this show.

No 19 -Brandon Beemer from Bold & Beauitful.: I use to get home in time to watch this but would love to see more of this guy on TV. I could tape it but how sad do you think I am????
No 20 -Adrian Pasdar -Heroes: Last but not forgotten.

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