Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Swimming: Ricky Beren at Rome 2009

What happens in Rome stays in Rome. Or does it?U.S. swimmer Ricky Berens swimsuit had some sort of malfunction, I mean it's so tight that it is not surprising to me! Yesterday uring FINA World Championships in Rome, Ricky Berens's swimsuit split while he bend over ... to get a drink minutes before the race ... so unfortunate ;-)There was no time to change the suit, so U.S. anchor leg Cullen Jones urged Berens to forget the gaping hole and swim. Berens dived in and contested his third leg as scheduled, helping the U.S. team to a fourth-place finish in its heat in 3 minutes, 11.64 seconds and securing a critical slot in the night’s final for Phelps and his teammates...Berens, the 2009 Big 12 Swimmer of the Year from Texas, was not available to comment on the suit problem. Jones, though, said tears were becoming increasingly common as swimmers sought the tightest-fitting suits possible for the greatest performance-enhancement. 'They’re all splitting,' Jones said. 'We’re all having problems. We want to get it as tight as possible as sprinters.'”

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