Friday, July 31, 2009

Rudd I use to like you.

Since moving to Melbourne I've become more of a Victorian living in Melbourne than a gay man of Australia. Rudd and the Larbour party have be holding there general meeting in Sydney and a very low key affair, untill now where it was annouce that Rudd was not going to support the idea of same sex marriages in Australia. Now at this point of time of my life I feel I will never find Mr Right but that's another story. What is more importaint is giving people the same right across the board. No matter if they are Gay or Straight. Black or white and the one I like male of female. What dark age do we still live in where a woman is still payed less than a man for doing the same job. So if two people can have sex together, why can't they be married and have children. Just because they are gay I say many straight people should be together or bring up children. Look at my parents which I love to bits but they struggled to feed us clothes us when all they really wanted to do was go out all the time. So Rudd wait up and have a look at the people who voted for you and the people you are disappointing.

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