Saturday, July 4, 2009

Friday night drinks

We had our end of Financial year drinks because the people we work with did a are great job saving our bacon. or what our CEO said was more like this, "the things we’ve put in place and the investments we’ve made in training, processes and systems, we are in the best possible shape to face the year ahead. I thank you for your understanding and continued professionalism and hope you enjoy the end of year financial drinks this coming Friday." Let the drinks run all night and lord behold there was plenty of fun and games as well. But maybe in the Sydney office as for Melbourne it was very dull and the food what food I say.
Katie and I went off later to find places to drink. W e jump on the No 96 Tram which went nowhere. So we went back to the city and caught the Tram out to St Kilda ate pizza and what to the Espbie till about midnight. It was so cold waking home from the pub I nearly died. Kate had longer to walk along the way up to St Kilda road.

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