Monday, July 6, 2009

ALF on Sunday

The big game of the week is St Kilda and Geelong at the Dome. Pictured above is Nick Rewoldt.
The game started with St Kilda take the early lead but them Geelong came back to make the last Qarter neck and neck. St Kilda and Geelong were equal number on the ladder but after today St Kilda is the better side. Picture above is Tom Harley capitain of Geelong.Well the big thing to cheer about is Sydney won over the weekend over North Melbourne. Katie and I went off to Williamstown for lunch on Sunday. Such a really ugly cold wet day in Melbourne. I had decided it was utterly impossible to find a pub that would be showing the Swans vs Kangaroos game on TV but we walked in a small but very friend pub where I discovered the game was on. I told Katie “sorry but we have to stay.” She’s a good sport and sat with me to watch the whole game. Though she really like NRL, I do only with no clothes on.

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