Friday, May 1, 2009

Do you really want to hurt me?

This is a funny story I found somewhere from the "Sun" newspaper.

Apparently the story goes why Jack Tweed ended up in jail are as followed: Jack Tweed attacked a taxi driver in Epping London. Jack and three of his friends (one male and two female) caught the cab after a night clubbing in Epping last May 2008. Taxi driver started raising his concern that the four, all seated in the back seat, were in breach of taxi regulations, the 51 year old driver, Stephen Wilkins, was told to “just drive”. Jack became very aggressive when, in accordance with his firm’s policy, Mr. Wilkins asked for the fare upfront. “I explained to the two guys, ‘If you don’t pay me now I am going to go back’,” said Mr Wilkins. “The one sitting directly behind, he said ‘just f****** drive you ****’.” At this point Mr. Wilkins decided to turn around and return to Epping and then came under attack. “He said ‘turn the f****** car around’ and grabbed me from behind. He got hold of me with his arm. Pulled his arm around my neck and pulled it against the head rest. “He was leaning over me, over the back of my seat, with his face alongside my face, screaming ‘I will stab you, you f****** ****.’ “He leaned forward and yanked the hand brake up. He was screaming in my face. He was very, very aggressive.” Mr Wilkins said he tussled for control of the handbrake and the car went into a “half-spin” in the middle of the road. “We were very lucky we were not killed. He should be up here on attempted murder,” he added. “The second male passenger clearly found it amuzing,” continued Mr.Wilkins,”he kept shouting - ‘News Of The World Jack Tweed’.” Mr Wilkin’s managed to stop the car and shortly afterwards was joined by another taxi driver from his firm. The second taxi driver, Mr.Russel Burns, remembers seeing the passenger behin Mr.Wilkins “punching and pulling on the back of the seat”. Jack walked away when the police arrived. Jack has denied assaulting the taxi driver Mr. Wilkins.

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