Friday, May 15, 2009

People I like to know: Andrew Muirhead.

People I like to know. Andy Muirhead from ABC television show "The Collectors" so old fashion. I rememeber coming home drunk from the boardie (so it was Friday night) and I don't get drunk every night. Well records can drive you that way sometimes. As I sat on the lounge with my hand-job and another beer, I turned on the TV and started flicking around the channels. I turned over to the ABC to find a cute guy looking back at me, Andy Muirhead. Now that's all it took for me to like this show and I must admit if it wasn't for him I may not watch it at all.
Call me shallow or a stalker from what I have read on how he describes falling in love.
"Trying one of those flip dismounts offthe monkey bar and landing on your face, spitting out the pine-bark and wanting to do it all again." From the Age.

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