Thursday, May 7, 2009

Movie: Star Trek

At last a Hollywood film I can like. This film came across as a real winner. Andrew & I went off to see it at the IMAX in Carlton. The new Star Trek movie has no big stars more like charater actors with Zachary Quinto (see above and below) who is much feared and hated from the TV show "Heroes" plays Spock. Well lets say he plays young Spock, as not to give too much away the original Spock from the TV/Movies makes an appearance. But what really makes the film, is the humour that lies beneath with actors like Simon Pegg who plays "Scottie." and Anton Yelchin paying "Chekov" don't you love him.

Also in the film Chris Pine (seen above along side William Shater) plays a young James Kirk. Ever since the announcement that the young and virtually unknown pretty boy / thespian Chris Pine would take over the role of James T. Kirk in the new Star Trek movies, Internet fans have been asking whether or not he's got the chutzpah to take over for William Shatner. If you don't know who he is and you have landed from outer of space. Shater played "Kirk" in the original TV show and movies. The answer to that question is "No. Absolutely not." but no matter how you feel about Pine, you've got to have some modicum of sympathy for him: this is going to be a hard sell for Trekkies. To his credit, Pine isn't letting the pressure get to him, and he's being smart, approaching Kirk as a fresh character instead of as a Shatner-esque vehicle of over-the-top eyebrow archings and wild gesticulations.

As for Zachary Quinto he has big shoes to fill playing Spock but (without giving too much away making his charater sexy can make a sequel so easy to do. This is the first of the big summer Hollywood films but something tells me it maybe the best for 2009. Score 10 out 10.

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