Monday, May 25, 2009

Tram hits car or is it car hits tram?

Last night the rain came back to Melbourne and everytime it rains I remember I need to buy new shoes. So I rushed out from work sometime after 6pm and every tram I wanted was going the wrong way plus I wanted a seat as well. Lets be fat and lazy I thought. When the 96 came it was crowded so I gave it the flick and caught a tram heading down St Kilda road but it stoped short at Fitzroy St because of a Tram accident with a car or was it a car hits a tram. Whatever it was it was, it was huge. people everywhere and the traffice was chaos. When my wet feet and I got to the Prince hotel where the accident happened - I so want to take pictures but it would of looked bad, so I didn't. I did notic it was the 96 and though I could of been on that Tram. (I could of died)What I did find out, a woman was driving on Fitzroy St St Kilda with her children in the back of the car when it hit the tram. Today in the paper is was reported that "a 10-year-old has been rushed to hospital after the car he was travelling in collided with a tram in St Kilda tonight. Police, fire and ambulance crews were called to the corner of Fitzroy St and Park St about 6.45pm. Fire crews worked for more than two hours to free the boy from the car. An Ambulance Victoria spokesman said the young boy was taken to Royal Children Hospital with leg injuries. Police are investigating the crash."
As for me I wore my new shoes today as the old ones are wet and need drying out.

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