Friday, May 8, 2009

The Johns boys are at it again

Gone are the days of NRL and Tina Turner.
Now NRL faces each year with a new crisis bigger than the one before. Will 2009 be the year that the public have had enough.
Examples below: What's happen here with David Williams from Manly. OK sure he is one of the sexiest men of leauge but com on boys leave your boyfriends out of the picture.
Brett Stewart (Pictured above)the face of the NRL's 2009 advertising campaign -
has been accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old neighbour after the club's season launch.
A police statement on the incident, issued yesterday afternoon, said the 17-year-old girl was approached by a 24-year-old man outside a Pittwater Rd unit block.
The statement read: "The pair spoke for a short time before walking to a stairwell, where it is alleged the man sexually assaulted the teenager.
"She went to a nearby flat to get help. Police from the Northern Beaches local area command attended and conducted inquiries.
"The man was arrested and taken to Dee Why police station.
"He declined to be interviewed by the investigating officers.''
Stewart was released without charge at 4am yesterday, pending further inquiries.
The girl was taken to the Royal North Shore Hospital and treated, before being released.
Her parents are believed to have heard her cries for help after she had gone outside for a cigarette in Pittwater Rd.
The girl's father rushed to her aid and, after a scuffle with Stewart, banged on a neighbour's door, asking him to call the police. Police arrived and took Stewart away.
The family has lived in the street for three weeks.
An interim AVO issued by police prevents Stewart approaching the girl or her family or being within a certain distance of her.
As a result, the Sea Eagles fullback is unable to return to his home, as it is located within the range specified by the AVO.
The scandal has derailed the NRL season ahead of Friday's much-anticipated opening game. Last night, the NRL scrapped the $1.5 million marketing campaign, which heavily features Stewart in its television ads.
Stewart and his brother, fellow Manly player Glenn, officially launched the NRL season last Wednesday at a gala function inthe Domain.
Manly launched its season on Friday at a sponsors' function at the upmarket Manly Wharf Hotel, during which Brett Stewart was spotted drinking heavily.
In a separate incident, Stewart's team-mate, Anthony Watmough, was yesterday forced to apologise to a club sponsor after police were called when Watmough allegedly slapped the sponsor at the function about 5pm.
Notwithstanding the apology and Manly claims that the incident had been dealt with, police confirmed last night they were still investigating the alleged assault.
Stewart has denied the sexual allegations through the club.
Manly chief executive Grant Mayer released a statement yesterday that read: ``On the evening of Friday, March 6, 2009, Brett Stewart of the Manly Sea Eagles was spoken to by Dee Why police in relation to an allegation of sexual assault of a 17-year-old girl.
"Having been spoken to by police, he was released without charge. The allegation is denied.
"However, the club acknowledges the investigation is ongoing and, in these circumstances, and on the basis of legal advice, neither the club nor Brett will be making any further comment pending the conclusion of that investigation.''
Manly will begin its defence of the NRL premiership against the Bulldogs on Saturday night. NRL chief executive David Gallop confirmed last night he had dumped the NRL's advertising campaign.
"We have considered the matter carefully throughout the day and, until further light is shed on the issue, we believe it is in the best interests of all parties that the campaign is suspended for the time being,'' Gallop said.
Gallop and Nine Network boss David Gyngell late yesterday agreed that Nine would cut a new ad for the NRL today.
Gallop said he had spoken to the club and it might stand Stewart down.
"We've spoken about that being a distinct possibility.''
He said fans were entitled to be dismayed about the contin-ual problems associated with the abuse of alcohol by players.
"We've worked hard to promote the right messages, and there can be no doubt about the fact players should know they have to accept their responsibilities.''
"The police are in position to best make a decision, in terms of the legal process, but you only have to look at someone like (former Raider) Todd Carney.
"He's a reminder to all players that you don't want to find yourself playing in a fairly remote out-post, out of the NRL competition.''
The NRL unveiled the $1.5 million TV advertising campaign, featuring Australian Idol winner Wes Carr's hit song Feels Like Woah, at the Domain in Sydney last Wednesday.
For premiers Manly, the 2009 season had already begun on a bad note. Multi-millionaire co-owners Max Delmege and Scott Penn have been feuding over finances for the past month.
The warring owners met face to face for the first time at the club's season launch, where they publicly accepted a peace plan.
Former professional footballer Ian Roberts has come out in the press telling Channel Nine what he thinks of highly rating show "The Footy show." Hey boys time to pull your socks up.
Roberts has slammed Channel Nine’s The Footy Show over its depictions of homosexuality.In an interview with SX, the openly-gay footballer turned actor said the portrayal of homosexuality on The Footy Show was “absolutely pathetic” and dangerous to young people coming to terms with their sexuality.Robert’s comments come in the wake of the Thursday, May 7 episode of the show, which featured an apology from NRL player Matthew Johns over his involvement in the New Zealand group sex incident that has drawn widespread outrage and publicity.Immediately after the apology, The Footy Show aired a skit in which a fictitious Johns brother, ‘Elton Johns’, was taken to hospital because he is gay.“I want to return this,” said Johns’ father Gary in the skit. “It’s faulty.”‘Elton Johns’, portrayed by Matthew Johns, said: “Dad only knew I was gay when he walked in on me and my boyfriend Ian [Roberts].”“It’s absolutely pathetic,” Roberts told SX this week. “I couldn’t give a fuck what they think about me, they’re a bunch of mindless yobs, but there are young people out there questioning their sexuality, feeling insecure about their sexuality, and they’re affected by these jokes.“I personally know young people who have topped themselves because they were struggling with these issues,” he said.Roberts added that both Johns brothers had been involved in scandals over their behaviour – Andrew Johns over illicit drug use, and Matthew Johns over group sex and infidelity – “yet they still think they’re in a position to make fun of others”.“When will we see a Footy Show skit about drug addicts or group sex?” asked Roberts. “Never, because it’s too close to the bone.”

Last night Matthew John tried to explain himself on Channel Nine's "Footy Show" with the full support of Paul Vautin. Vautin was later to defend his actions after Johns by patting the co host on the back and saying "Well said, now lets get on with the show."
This is all in relating to a soon to be airred 'Four Corners" story out on Monday night referring to the bad behaviour of the stars of Rugby League players.

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