Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Movie: Wolverine

Am I the only person in the world who thinks Hugh Jackman can't act or to put it in another way on the silver screen. Put him in a broadway musical and you'll be singing and smiling like any dumb sucker who pays for that crap. Yes he's alright to look at and I wouldn't kick him out of bed but put him in a movie and there's something about him, that comes across so wooden in the performance. In his lastest movie "Wolverine" Jackman plays logan (aka Wolverine) a tortured soul who travels through time with his brother played by Liev Schreiber (Sabretooth) in search of happeness. The opening credits have the two men in battle together throughout every major war in the last few hundred years. It's not explained very well at the start and why they can live forever or why they stop looking older after the age of thirty is not told either. We just have to except the fact or read more comics. This is where the film's idea comes from, the Xmen comics. When I was little I read comic and now an adult I read books, though I must say comic have changed since I was a boy but back to the movie review.
So if you have seen the last 3 Xmen movies you will know of Wolverine and the other mutations. They are like Supe Heros but bad, ugly and feared, becoming rejects of society. The story line steals a lot from other movies, like "The magnificent seven." The love interest for Wolverine dieds half way through the film transforming him into a killing machine. Boring wake me up when you can think of something new. Hey Hollywood, the movie should of ended when the girlfriend died anyway. Here's a twist, Logan/Wolverine discovers the love of his life is dead.(killed by his brother) He can no longer go on living so with all the power of he's long claws he rips into Hugh Jackman's naked body (we have to have one more chance of eye candy before the film ends) tearing out he's broken heart. At the very end the girlfriend awakes to see her dead lover beside her. Reminds you of other famous tragic love story I hear you say. My verdit is wait till DVD so you can fast forward over the boring bits. 3 of 10.

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