Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hollywood comes to Melbourne

Hollywood superstars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have arrived in Melbourne with their daughter Suri in preparation for filming of Holmes' new horror flick at Docklands.
The couple's private jet was taken into an executive hangar at Essendon Airport
The star couple disembarked, with Cruise carrying three-year-old Suri.
The celebrity family were whisked from the airport in a two-car convoy, with a white Audi four-wheel-drive carrying them and a black Audi sedan as escort.
James Packer's private Crown Towers penthouse is said to be housing the family during their stay - after the billionaire offered up the lavish and super secure suite to his friends.
Crown has reportedly increased its security in readiness for the power couple's arrival.
And the Docklands studio where Holmes will film horror re-make Don't Be Afraid of the Dark with Australian actor Guy Pearce will be a media-free zone during filming.

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