Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Three days is never enough.

OMG- never again.
Trying to fit everyone into 3 days.
Next time I not telling anyone I'm coming back.
Thursday: Go to work then from work I fly off to Sydney. Boy I miss Sydney and was glad to be back. I was lucky that Chris my brother in law was picking me up at the airport. Go back to ther place fell fast asleep.
Friday: Awoke with the norman daliy activity of Family life, getting everyone out the door. After a car swap with my sister at 7am the rest of the morning was mine. Came back to Cherrybrook where she live, ate breakfast and watched "Tranformers" on DVD. Went into the city and caught up with my old workmates before going to lunch with some of them. In the afternoon caught up with Ian and gave him back he's blow up bed. Then wen off to meet everyone for Raul's birthday party.
Saturday: Awoke at Mark's place in Strathfield and had breakfast. Raced acrossed town to meet up with my sisters for late lunch and a movie at Chatswood. Afterwards we all drove back to my sister Carmels place for dinner. This was great I really do miss my family and there great cooking. I caught up with my sister Debbie who has not been well for a good year or more now. Gemma and Chris who went hiking in Tassie. Aswell as Roger who has not been in the best of sorts either. All up a very pleasent evening of swapping stories and jokes.
Sunday: Why my sister Joane wanted to have breakfast at Galston, I have no idea but we did. Then I said my goodbyes to my family till next time and raced acrossed town to have lunch with friends who I did not see on the Friday night. Only people missing were the two happy couples. Raul & Michael/ Ray & Richard. Life can be busy for people on the go. It was good to see the Delaneys even Kirstens family as well. That was a real thrill. I ended the weekend like I did many times before with a couple of beers at the Bank with Mark and Kevin. Leaving them still being friends and my a plane to catch back to Melbourne.

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