Monday, June 15, 2009

Rauls Birthday and weekend catch up

It was great catching up the gang for Raul's birthday party. Each year the boys do something big to remember Raul's birthday. This year it was a harbour cruise latin style with a bit of comedy thrown in. Basicly Raul invited everyone he knew in Sydney to the event. It was good to see the like's of Hernan and Robert. Allan had something else on that evening so Charlie came solo. He was on my table, so was nine other guest that I had to account for as I was the Team captain of the Table. Other people I knew who where on the table were Steven and Geoff, as well a Mark. You may know him as the Lion. Jim or is it Kevin sat on a table right behind us. You may remember him as the Kiwi. It seems there disagreement was put to rest for the evening which made everyone happy, including me.
We started off at Pontoon Bar in Darling harbour where Raul past on the name tags to me and the other team leader for the other tables. I say there was 5 other tables, we took more than half the cruise. Raul had his mother at the party and it was true what people said she did look like Raul with hair. At one stage during the evening she got up and sang happy birthday to Raul. That was towards the end of the evening when cake and dancing excited the average punter.
I only spoke to Michael briefly and that was asahme as I never saw Raul or Michael for the rest of the weekend.
I said there was comedy on board this floating party and the guy that delivered it was simply awlful. Right at the end of he's act he tried to tell a gay joke and many people tried to stop him from the crowd but he contuined. Joke went something like this- "Kevin lived in Darlinghurst and he had a boyfriend in Blacktown, if he went by train to see the boyfriend everynight, how many times would he be gay bashed."
The joke did not go down well, making many guest to get up in the joke and go upstair to esacpe the act. At the end the boat pulled into Darling Harbour, Mark & I esacped up to Oxford St. Shortly after we hooked up with Kevin and Hernan. We moved down the road to Midnight Shift to say hi to Wilson but he was not to be seen. Next morning I awake to find myself sleep next to Mark. Too much red wine I believe but still a fun evening.

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