Tuesday, June 9, 2009

AFL: Bird fight at the MCG

All the Sydney Swans fans at the MCG should of got on the ground and given Bazza one good smack in the head. Not only did he not keep he's cool, he lost the game for us, a game we should of won. In the last quarter he gave away three 50 meter penalties. Sure Hawthorn were finding a way to get to him but history has shown that Barry Hall just can't come out swinging. I really believe he needs to be taken off for the rest of the year as it's a bad start for us this year and having him on the ground makes it far too dangerous.
Buddy is such a good player for the Hawks but he has off weeks and lucky for him and the Hawks they had a good week.

Leave OKeefe no one should have him, not even the Hawks. There was talk late last year that Ryan wanted to move camp and come back to Victoria. He was looking for a team that would best fit him into a game and the Hawks were trying to steal him away. Lucky for us we have him in a bad year.

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