Monday, June 1, 2009

Canberra trip:The Bulldogs ate my Swans

Sydney Swans are really missing Tadhg Kennelly.

Last weekend was the first time I left the state since moving to Victoria. I went to Canberra to meet Andrew and Mark we were off to see Swans and Bulldogs fight it out. Andrew meet me at the airport then we went looking for the train station to find Mark finally we end up at the game. A soon to-be redeveloped Manuka Oval which likely to have a capacity of around 24,000 at a game. We sat on the grass and the game had a good start for the Swans but after the second goal they stop playing, well playing to win anyway. At the end of the second quarter the score was Bulldogs 13.6 to Swans 2.3. We stayed till the end of the third quater where the Swans may up ground but no enough. Final result was 18.9 to 12.5.

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