Saturday, June 27, 2009

AFL: Sydney Swans play Adelaide Crows.

Someone needs to stop Barry Hall. I love the guy but he is out of control. Does he know when to stop. I really don't think so.
A CLOUD hangs over Barry Hall's career after he was reported for another striking incident in Sydney's loss to Adelaide at AAMI Stadium.
Hall delivered a short, sharp, left hand to the chin of Crows defender Ben Rutten as the pair tangled on the ground after the three-quarter time siren to sour his 250th AFL game.
The prospect of a four or five-week ban could be the final straw for the Swans, who have repeatedly pleaded with the fiery forward to control his temper.
This latest incident comes only three weeks after Hall was blasted by coach Paul Roos for costing the side victory when he gave away three consecutive 50m penalties against Hawthorn.
"There's definitely still some issues there with Barry Hall,'' said Fox Sports expert and former Geelong player Dwayne Russell.
"I don't know too many leopards that can instantly change their spots - and Barry Hall is still a leopard. The fact that he kicked four goals might help him out because he actually looked like a player contributing to the team.
"But the thing that would worry the Swans might be the fact that it just seemed like a reflex action. He did it before his brain had a chance to kick in. That's a worry, because how can you coach to rectify that? I'm not sure that either stern words or a cuddle from Paul Roos is going to rectify that.''
However, Roos was surprised to learn that Hall had been reported. "I only just found out (Hall) got reported, I was surprised. I must admit I didn't see it,'' Roos said. "But, yes, his football performance was very good, he kicked four goals.''
Adelaide maintained its climb up the AFL ladder - and utter dominance of Sydney - with a fighting 16-point victory at AAMI Stadium.
The Swans led by as much as 25 points soon after halftime, before the Crows fired into action and eventually won 12.13 (85) to 10.9 (69) in front of 38,064 supporters. Defeat slipped Sydney to 5-8 for the year and with a pair of possible tribunal headaches for Barry Hall and young tall Jesse White, who were both reported. Adelaide have now won their last six matches against the Swans. They were well served by the brilliant Jason Porplyzia (four goals), Bernie Vince, Scott Thompson, and ruckman Brad Moran played their part, while Kurt Tippett (two goals) was again threatening as a tall target. Brett Kirk, Ryan O'Keefe and Rhyce Shaw all battled manfully for Sydney and Hall kicked four goals despite the report.
Sydney were the more desperate team in the early stages, while they were also tactically sharp, getting numbers back quickly to counter the Crows' forward movement. A five-point lead at the first change was the minimum the Swans deserved and they kept the momentum in the second by barreling through the first three majors of the term. Hall was enjoying a great first half, Kirk, Shaw and Adam Goodes were leading a dominant midfield and ex-Crow Martin Mattner provided plenty of run out of defence. Clear by 19 points at the half, the visitors seemed likely to continue on their merry way when Kirk waltzed in to goal for his side's seventh. But instead of killing the game, the Swans allowed Adelaide back into the contest with a handful of errors. Winning a greater share of ball out of the middle, Adelaide gobbled up the advantage Sydney fought so hard to create in the space of 15 minutes. Andrew McLeod's inspired dribble goal deep in time-on meant the Crows took a seven-point lead into the final change. Hall's fourth cut it back to two, but the Crows ran the game out stronger to seal the four points. ADELAIDE 1.3, 3.4, 9.7, 12.13 (85) SYDNEY 2.2, 6.5, 8.6, 10.9 (69)

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