Thursday, June 18, 2009

Celebrity gay couples

Gay celebrity couples is nothing new take Randolph Scott and Cary Grant who lived together for 15 years in Hollywood. Everyone know it just was not talked about. Just like Rock Hudson and so on.
Then in bodybuilding there was Bob Paris and Rod Jackson who came together is this famous ad for "Diesel."

The british actor John Barrowman & partner Scott Gill
Australian Mathew Mitcham and boyfriend Lachlan Fletcher
TV actor Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka.

Australian Actor and Singer Tim Campbell and famous boyfriend from Pop idol Anthony Callea.

Or how about Anderson Cooper the hottest journalist on American television and boyfriend.

Both from Boy Band from Europe now married Andy Cowles and Stephen Gately from "Take That."
American TV Actor TJ Knight and boyfriend Mark Corneison

Or the ever so sext Reichen Lemkuhi and boyfriend Ryan Berry.

Last the toast of New York City at the moment, appearing at everyone's party and soon to be married if America can make up ther mind, Marc Jacobs and his fiancé Lorenzo Martone.

Who will be next and I'm so sorry you girls not to put you in but the magazines just love having girls kissing girls. Somehow they think it sells.

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